Over the years our distinctively Italian cuisine

Has been recognized with multiple awards

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“Stop by today and enjoy family style dining and fresh Italian food at our restaurant”

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Every time I’m visiting the city of Boston, I’m always coming for an Italian treat here… There’s nothing quite like a good old lasagna, full of Parmigiano cheese and the freshly picked tomatoes with some basil on it…


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I will never understand, how people may not like Italian food! Each single time I pass by the North End, I will surely come here, to enjoy either a perfectly spiced risotto or scallops in a white wine sauce…


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I’ve been to many Italian restaurants, both in Boston and the NYC, but this one just rocks! They update menu so often, that I’ve never imagined that I will ever taste so many traditional Italian dishes. A new day – a new meal is definitely…


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Umberto Vincenzo, the Chef

As a Chef for this restaurant, I can promise you exactly three things that a first-time visitor might expect
  • we have the best all-time favorite Italian trio of pizza, pasta, and lasagna
  • we have the best selection of Italian wine in the city
  • …and even more importantly – we’ve got the team and recipes, that do the magic and make our dishes truly stand out!

Umberto Vincenzo


The interior is an absolutely vital part of any venue….
We’ve got that covered with all the diversity that our 3 halls can bring.

Spanning from the minimalistic design of our Northern Italian hall and all the way to our vibrant and colorful Southern and Sicilian halls…

We’re as diverse and beautiful as the Italy itself!