Frequently asked questions

Because we’ve been in the business for so long, we’ve noticed that our visitors tend to ask us a host of similar questions…

Here we’ve decided to compile those in one, universally easy listing so that you’ll be able to have the most basic answers at once!

Is your menu vegetarian-friendly?

The common notion, that an Italian food is way too nutritious to be either healthy, dietary or vegetarian-friendly is wrong on all levels…

In fact, the ingredients which are most native to an Italian food are all … vegetables!

So, enjoy our tomatoes, lettuce and other veggie goodies in an array of our menu’s vegan-friendly entries!

Does your restaurant have other locations?

As of now, the Boston’s North End is our only location…

Possibly in the future we’ll expand to Worcester, MA as well…

What’s your policy on bringing one's own alcohol in?

Neither we nor the state of Massachusetts allows that.

Instead, we invite you to enjoy our wide selection of red, white and rose Italian wines and our liquors!

How big your restaurant is?

Currently we’ve got 3 main halls.

Each one of those can allocate 30 tables or 120 people. This makes our total capacity stands at a whopping 360 people rate…

Also, each of our hall’s interior is designed to represent either a Northern, Southern or Sicilian Italy…

Do you offer themed parties hosting?


If you’d like to host your happening at our premises, we’ll be more than glad to allocate it!

Please, book such events beforehand, as our halls can be already booked for the dates of your choice!

Can I bring my pet in?

That is possible only when we set up an outdoors summer terrace…

How often do you update your menu?

Each month or so we add some another old Italian recipe.

On average, we have more than 50 new meals popping up in the course of each year…

Do you sell cigarettes at your bar?

No, unfortunately, we don’t.

Do you offer catering services?


In fact, we offer Food catering services for both the personal and business events of yours.

Besides that, you can also order Italian Wines catering with us or rent a professional waiter (s) for any occasion of yours…

Do you have any kinds of extra discounts or a card for returning customers?

Yes, no doubt about that!

All of our returning customers can ask for a Discounts Club card at the checkout.

Cards are of a cumulative quantity kind…

Any other questions? Please Contact Us